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Mission and History

Leverage Research studies and supports early stage science in an effort to aid scientific advance. We believe that a better understanding of how scientific discoveries are made can contribute to more effective research that can benefit society.


Founded in 2011, Leverage Research initially brought together a diverse group of independent researchers to collaborate on initial explorations of a wide range of topics, seeking to identify promising new research avenues in the social sciences. Our research centered on introspection, representing mental structures, coordination, and research methodology.


Our investigation of research methodology led to select early stage science as an important area of study. In 2019, we decided to restructure and refocus the organization to concentrate on aiding scientific advance, specifically through studying and supporting early stage science.


Today, the main focus of our research is in the history of scientific discoveries, where we seek to understand which factors contribute to scientific progress in its early stages. Alongside our historical work, we support promising independent researchers and are currently investigating how to distribute our past exploratory work in psychology for study by a broader range of researchers.

Current Programs

Early Stage Science Research 

Using historical analysis of how discoveries were made to learn about the scientific process. Our researchers compile case studies covering the early history of scientific fields. We look at the wider intellectual, social, and technological factors, alongside the methods and tools employed by individual scientists to understand what contributes to discoveries and the advancement of knowledge.

Exploratory Psychology Research

Conducting an early stage investigation in the field of psychology. We are exploring how best to distribute tools and procedures related to introspection and mental structures developed as part of our past research. This project involves exploring routes for collaboration in academia and understanding the conditions under which new research methods are accepted for study.

Research Fellows Program

Supporting individuals conducting promising early stage research. We provide funding and support through fellowship programs to independent researchers, and in turn they help us learn about methodology by providing case studies in early stage research. We select Fellows on the basis of the importance of their topic of interest, their track record of self-directed research, and their willingness to continually work towards improving their research methodology.


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