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We are always looking for exceptional individuals to join our team. We are currently hiring full-time staff members for our psychology program, our early stage science program, and operational roles. 

We are also accepting applications to our year-long research fellows program, where we support independent researchers conducting freeform explorations in underdeveloped fields of their choice.

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Apply to become a fellow

Our year-long Research Fellows program supports researchers conducting their own independent investigations in early stage fields. Unlike Leverage Staff, who work on specific research programs overseen by a lead researcher, Fellows are given the autonomy to set their own research agendas during the length of their program.

We require a minimum of 3 years of independent research experience for fellowship applicants. If you are interested in applying to our fellowship program beginning in 2021, please fill out our Fellowship Application. For insight into what our current fellows are working on, visit our research page.


Apply to the Leverage staff 

Current Openings

Join our staff to participate in our early stage science and psychology research programs.

Early Stage Science Researcher

Conducts independent research into the methodology of early stage science. Possible research focuses include the historical development of scientific disciplines, philosophy of science, and the modern institutional context of research in early stage fields. At least 5 years of independent research experience or a Ph.D. in the history of science, philosophy of science, or a related topic is required.

Psychology Research Assistant

Helps conduct our early stage psychology research, including working toward integrating our past research into academic psychology. Applicants should have experience performing literature reviews. Experience working with one or more established clinical psychological framework is preferred. A Ph.D. in psychology, and previous research experience, is required.

Academic Outreach Coordinator

Manages connecting and coordinating with academic psychologists and cognitive scientists; consults academics in the field to gain insight into testing our psychology research. An advanced degree in academic psychology or cognitive science (M.A., Ph.D., Psy.D.) is required. Applicants will be expected to cultivate relationships and work closely with academic researchers and administrators.

Manages the general operations of the organization including finance, human resources, and facilities to increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization. Applicants should be dependable and detail-oriented, and should have previous operational experience.

Operations Manager


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