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Leverage Research Team


Geoff Anders

Executive Director

Geoff founded Leverage Research in 2011 to support independent research aimed at improving the world. His current research covers psychology, sociology, and scientific and theoretical methodology. Geoff writes about knowledge accumulation and research programs on his website. Geoff also leads Paradigm Academy, a training and coaching startup. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Rutgers University and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School.

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Larissa Hesketh-Rowe

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Engagement

Larissa manages the day-to-day running of the institute and its internal and external communications strategy. Larissa excels at developing organizational systems and practices to aid organizations in coordinating to execute their vision. Before working at Leverage Research, Larissa was CEO of an international charity, and she has a background in corporate and non-profit marketing, communications, and management. Larissa is originally from the UK where she obtained a bachelor's in Politics and Sociology from the University of Sussex. She enjoys mentoring young professionals, playing the ukulele, and working on her American accent.

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Kerry Vaughan

Program Manager, Exploratory Psychology

Kerry manages the Exploratory Psychology program which aims to distribute early stage introspection tools and methods developed at Leverage Research which can be used to study the mind through introspection. As Program Manager, he sets the direction for the program, coordinates the release of Leverage's open-source psychology toolset, and engages with external researchers. Previously, Kerry worked on movement building for an international charity, was a member of Y Combinator’s 2017 class, and managed technology projects for a major foundation. Kerry holds a PhD in philosophy from Rice University.

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Oliver Carefull

Research Communicator and Head of Culture

Oliver was a founding member of Leverage Research in 2011. During his three-year tenure, he worked on collective intelligence, consensus, and theoretical methodology. Since then he's worked with startups from e-commerce to enterprise software as well as freelancing as a management consultant. He currently works at Leverage as both a Research Communicator and Head of Culture, translating technical work for lay audiences and helping the organization articulate and develop its unique values and culture. He's an above-knee amputee and a two-time cancer survivor.

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Melinda Bradley

Head of Operations and Events Manager

Melinda manages the institute's day-to-day operations, implementing and administering policies and procedures to help the organization operate more effectively. She is also responsible for supporting our internal and external event programs including team retreats and our Bottlenecks events. Melinda studied psychology at Western Michigan University and has a strong management and human resources background. In her free time, Melinda enjoys being active outdoors and loves backpacking, paddle boarding, and spending time with friends.

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Daniel Graham

History of Science Researcher

Dan joined the team as a History of Science Researcher in early 2023. Currently he is researching and writing case studies in the history of electricity, exploring the factors and conditions that make innovation and technological progress possible. Prior to his work with Leverage Research, Dan taught History at various universities and held positions in education and curation at several museums in Maryland. He holds a PhD in History from the Catholic University of America.

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