Leverage Research Staff

Geoff founded Leverage Research in 2011 to fund independent research aimed at improving the world. His current research covers psychology, sociology, and scientific and theoretical methodology. He is working on tracing the ideological development of Western civilization since the Enlightenment to provide a context for understanding the current state of science. Geoff also leads Paradigm Academy, a startup incubator with a focus on training founders. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Rutgers University and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School.

Executive Director

Geoff Anders

Mindy oversees the current programs at Leverage Research. She also leads the psychology research program, including sharing the organization’s research with academic psychology and cognitive science researchers for testing. Previously, she was Chief of Staff at Paradigm Academy, a community organizer in the Effective Altruism movement, and a competitive gymnast. Mindy graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Duke University where she studied philosophy and electrical and computer engineering.

Chief Operating Officer and Program Manager, Psychology

Mindy McTeigue

Kerry studies the methodology of research in young fields and the process by which fields develop into late stage scientific disciplines. As Program Manager he sets the direction for the early stage science research program and its engagement with relevant academic fields such as the history and philosophy of science. Previously, Kerry worked on movement building for an international charity, was a member of YCombinator’s 2017 class, and managed technology projects for a major foundation. He also spent a year playing poker professionally. Kerry holds a PhD in philosophy from Rice University.

Program Manager, Early Stage Science

Kerry Vaughan

Larissa coordinates public engagement for Leverage Research and manages the Research Fellows program. Based in the U.K., she is the point contact person for people interested in learning more about or collaborating with Leverage Research. She has a background in corporate and non-profit marketing, communications, and management. Previously, Larissa was CEO of an international charity, coordinating a community of people investigating how we can do the most good with our money and time. Larissa graduated from the University of Sussex where she studied Politics and Sociology.

Public Engagement Specialist and Program Manager, Research Fellows

Larissa Hesketh-Rowe

Jonathan Wallis studies the development and impact of social technology. His interests include the development of a Kuhnian paradigm for culture, the impact of belief systems on institutional morale, and ethnogenesis (the origin of new societies and cultures). Jonathan has given talks on the strategy of institutional design, military history, and historical education systems.

Research Fellow

Jonathan Wallis

Dodson Morgenthaler studies the relationship between the mind and the body. He experiments with embodiment practices like the Feldenkrais method, yoga, the Wim Hof method, and breath work, and seeks to understand them in the context of modern neuroscience. He hopes to develop a function-oriented theory of embodiment that can be used to create practices for improving psychological and physical health. Dodson graduated with honors from Emory University with a Bachelors of Science in Biology.

Research Fellow

Dodson Morgenthaler

Nihal Singh is creating an actionable compendium of GurSikh doctrine. He is also writing an original work of political philosophy aimed at rekindling the virtues necessary to sustain free institutions and secure civilizational flourishing. Nihal has published and spoken on free speech and religious liberty, and periodically leads topical seminars drawing on the great books. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa with highest honors in political science from the University of California at Berkeley, where he served as founding president of the ISI Burke Society. Nihal is a recipient of the Preston A. Wells Leadership Award and is an accomplished exponent of Sikh sacred music.

Research Fellow

Nihal Singh

Research Fellows

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