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Leverage Research Team


Geoff Anders

Executive Director

Geoff founded Leverage Research in 2011 to support independent research aimed at improving the world. His current research covers psychology, sociology, and scientific and theoretical methodology. Geoff writes about knowledge accumulation and research programs on his website. Geoff also leads Paradigm Academy, a training and coaching startup. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Rutgers University and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School.

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Kerry Vaughan

Program Manager, Early Stage Science

Kerry studies the history of successful attempts at generating scientific knowledge in nascent fields and the characteristics that these attempts share. As Program Manager, he sets the direction for the early stage science research program and its engagement with relevant academic fields such as the history and philosophy of science. Previously, Kerry worked on movement building for an international charity, was a member of Y Combinator’s 2017 class, and managed technology projects for a major foundation. Kerry holds a PhD in philosophy from Rice University.


Evan Pence

Researcher, Early Stage Science

Evan is a researcher in the early stage science program at Leverage Research, where he studies experimental methodology, tool development, and scientific progress in the early modern period. Before joining Leverage Research, he worked on similar topics in contemporary neuroscience and psychology.  In his free time, he enjoys reading political history and work in the Pragmatist tradition. Evan holds a PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Pittsburgh and is an alumnus of Pitt and Carnegie Mellon’s Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition.

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Larissa Hesketh-Rowe

Public Engagement Specialist and Program Manager, Research Fellows

Larissa coordinates public engagement for Leverage Research and manages the research fellows program. She is the point of contact for people interested in learning more about or collaborating with Leverage Research. She has a background in corporate and non-profit marketing, communications, and management. Previously, Larissa was CEO of an international charity, coordinating a community of people investigating how we can do the most good with our money and time. Larissa graduated from the University of Sussex where she studied Politics and Sociology.