Supporting Early Stage Science

Preventing stagnation in scientific fields

Leverage Research is a non-profit research institute.

Leverage Research was founded in 2011 to fund independent exploratory research. Today, Leverage runs early stage science research programs, while seeking to educate researchers and scientists about early stage exploration to prevent stagnation in science.

Current Programs

Research Fellows Program

In addition to our core staff of researchers, our year-long Research Fellows program hosts promising researchers conducting investigations in underdeveloped or underexplored fields of study. We provide financial support, mentorship for researchers in early stage fields, and a supportive social environment where fellows can get feedback from open-minded colleagues aimed at helping them develop their ideas.

Program Introduction

What research methodologies allow researchers to make progress during the earliest stages of scientific development in a field? Our Program Introduction describes an exemplative set of historical cases, formulates our hypothesis, and explains our research methodology.

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