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Leverage Research is a non-profit research institute dedicated to aiding scientific advance. 


Founded in 2011, the organization conducted independent explorations into important but poorly understood topics in the social sciences. Today, Leverage Research studies the history of science and how historical discoveries were made, and supports novel research in young or under-resourced fields.


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Case Study: Ørsted and Electromagnetism

The conditions were such that electromagnetism was discoverable by 1802, and yet the discovery took until 1820. Our case study investigates why the discovery was initially overlooked and discusses the central role of philosophy in Ørsted’s discovery.

Discovery & Impact of the Leyden Jar - P

The Leyden jar is widely recognized as among the most important discoveries in the history of electricity. While accounts often present the discovery as a mix of luck and crisis, our case study suggests a more complex picture. 

Case Study: The Leyden Jar

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