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Studying and Supporting Early Stage Science

Leverage Research is a non-profit research institute dedicated to aiding scientific advance. 


Founded in 2011, the organization conducted independent explorations into important but poorly understood topics in the social sciences. Today, Leverage Research studies the history of science and how historical discoveries were made, and supports novel research in young or under-resourced fields.


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Research Report: Intention Research

An introduction to an area of psychology research Leverage explored in 2018 and 2019 which led our psychology researchers to conclude that nonverbal communication may be at least as expressive and psychologically central as verbal communication.

Franklin case study image.png

A case study arguing that the popularity of Franklin's fluid theory of electricity came from its relative simplicity, immediate applications, and his background and work with lightning for Enlightenment audiences, rather than the theories novelty and explanatory power.

Case Study: Franklinian Theory

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